The Nehemiah Wall is a Christian Transitional Home which provides short and long-term residential housing in a structured environment where we are able to offer supportive living in order to help the women re-enter society. We firmly believe that through God all things are possible and that He has the power to transform, restore and rebuild lives.

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Rebuilding lives one person at a time.
Our desire is to serve women who battle with family conflicts, quality of life issues, or suffer addictions and co-dependency problems in an effort to provide them with the means and support to achieve self-betterment and to create a life centered on hope and restoration. By linking ourselves with community social service agencies, we provide effective, well rounded support and guidance.

            There are no age, race, or national origin restrictions for entry to The Nehemiah Wall, only a willing and open heart and a desire to earnestly seek change.

            The women are taught how to re-enter society through education, self-discipline, academic learning and vocational training.          

The program involves tapping in to the agencies in the community that can provide counseling, social services and utilizing all the community supported resources available to us, while minimizing the duplication of existing community outreach programs.

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