The vision of The Nehemiah Wall is to decrease the growing tides of cases in which women suffer through abandonment, abuse, violence, separation, rejection and loss of self-worth.
        Our Mission is to “Rebuild Lives One Person at a Time”.  Also, to motivate women to achieve self-betterment and to create a life centered on hope and restoration through a relationship with God while minimizing instances of repeat offenses by beneficiaries.
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Rebuilding lives one person at a time.

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The Nehemiah Wall has just purchased a new facility/home where we could house more women and children. The Nehemiah Wall (TNW) is a non-profit organization whose mission is driven by compassion to serve humanity.  We are committed to empowering women, engaging in strategic business partnerships, building healthy and sustainable communities, and renewing neighborhood pride through education, resource development, and advocacy. The program activities include providing food, housing and ongoing mentor-ship. The populations served are the economically and socially displaced women. As we work with women in a time frame of six months to a year, we not only take care of their health needs, but also help to mainstream them back into society through employment, education and volunteerism in order to give back to society. On a yearly basis our goal is to reach at least 60% of the women to meet their goals of housing, employment, education, restoration with their children and financial support. The health needs of the women are at a sky high as we work with them to attain, Physicals, HIV testing, Hep-C testing and TB testing.  Many of the women need help with education, life skills, Parenting classes, Day care and transportation. We appreciate your support for this great task.