Rev. Miriam Rodriguez
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The Nehemiah Wall is a Transitional Home for female ex-offenders and women in general with life controlling problems.  The organization was founded August 8th 2007 when our Articles of Incorporation were granted.  We opened our doors May 10, 2008 and have been operating since then.  We followed a vision that seemed impossible but prevalent because of the great need for women in need.

    Many women have been incarcerated, battered and abused, betrayed, abandoned and left with no hope.  At T.N.W. our goal is to help women mainstream back in to society where they can function as stable Christian women knowing that we care.

    Our objective is to assist women in sustaining spiritually alive, emotionally balanced, mentally sound and socially adjusted.  T.N.W. offers help with counseling, church fellowship, employment assistance, temporary housing, Christian life skills education and physical and spiritual support.

    We teach the women that they can;         

    ➢ obtain a full-time job and maintain a steady home
    ➢ become established and active in her own local church
    ➢ obtain personal bank account to help maintain a good budget
    ➢ secure own housing in a maximum of six months to one year
    ➢ learn to live and function in society

    After suffering a twenty year drug addiction and survivor of domestic violence myself, God has graced me with not only the ability to raise four children alone and go back to school, but also establish me in a place where I can make a difference in the lives of other women.  

    It has been a difficult task, but when I see the lives that are changed and transformed helps me remember that if God did it for me, He will also do it through me and a group of Board member that share the same burden.

    We thank you for your support.

    Rev. Miriam Rodriguez